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The Town

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Welcome in the tourist website of Santa Margherita Ligure.

Sailing in the site you can find the information to know better our country and organize your stay, choosing the opportunities that will make exclusive and unforgettable your vacation.
You can discover the natural riches of our territory set among the uncontaminated nature of the mount of Portofino and the marvelous depths of the gulf; you can know the typical products and the tastes of an ancient gastronomic culture, flower to the buttonhole of the country. You can choose the places where spending the night, the spots known all over the world for the an exclusive fun.
Always through the website you will be attracted by the rich calendar of cultural events and by the numerous services that Santa Margherita Ligure is able to offer you.
Everything you’re looking for your vacation you will find it here.


A little of history

d2 panorama 1898_400.jpg

The discovery of a cinerary urn of the III century with an inscription in Latin (today preserved in the Basilica of Santa Margherita ) has confirmed the hypothesis nevertheless officially shown not, of an installation in Roman age. Devastated by the population of the Rotari in 641, the original village, lived above all by fishermen and just denominated Pescino, it suffered many Saracen raids: subsequently it became feud of the family Fieschi untill to 1229, when it was subdued to Genoa. From the Middle Ages in then it results that it was devided in two main villages, Pescino and Corte, often separated by animated struggles. Both came at first inclusive in the captaincy of Rapallo, then, in 1797, they obtained own administrations. In 1813, under the dominion of Napoleone Bonaparte, the villages were unified with the name of Porto Napoleone. Two years later, in 1815, with the annexation of the Liguria to the kingdom of Sardinia, it was constituted the commune of Santa Margherita.
The definitive name was assigned by Vittorio Emanuele II with a decree dated 1863.
The country got two stations of the dawning railway line Genoa-Sestri Levante. With the construction of the carriage road for Portofino and of the railway in Santa Margherita, it began the gold period of the Coast of the Dolphins that saw the bilding of fabulous villas and grandiose hotels.
After the Second World War Santa Margherita (denominated the Pearl of the Tigullio), Portofino and the wonderful bay of Paraggi became more and more exclusive and tourist places with an extraordinary charm that persists still today.


A country between sea and mountains

In Santa Margherita is possible to enjoy seascape and hills of suggestive beauty.


Santa Margherita Ligure is situated on the Coast of East of the Liguria, in the oriental side of the promontory of Portofino and in the most inside part of the Gulf of the Tigullio.
The inhabited place, that it ‘s far about 35 km from Genoa, is surrounded by hills covered of Mediterranean vegetation with villas and gardens with the view on the Coast of the Dolphins, that unites the country to Portofino.
The port is used for the mooring of luxurious boats close to the traditional fishing boats; it’s also center of important sports activities on the sea (sail boating and scuba diver) and of wordly events tied to the great international regattas.
The landscape –preserved for how much possible from the most serious alterations of the building expansion- tells the whole history of the city and a tenacious and hard working collectivity that , to overwork intensely the growing of the olive tree, it has created the terracing on the steep slopes but also in the cobbled paving of the ways that climb along the slants, in the oil mills and in the cottages that exist still now. 



Going out

In the sixties in Santa Margherita for the young people it was a “must” to meet each other in front of the sea gardens. In the characteristic small square there are bar with music and happy hours. In the zone of the port, called Corte, in the nightspots it’s possible to taste appetizers and drinks.
The bathing establishments and some equipped beaches organize nice evenings for who wants to listen to good music and to dance in a suggestive scenary.
The gastronomic ligurian specialities are the best of the mediterranean diet that all the restaurants and pizzerie of Santa Margherita offer along the sea and in the historical center.
Don’t forget the good restaurants situated on the back hill of Santa Margherita in the hamlet of San Lorenzo della Costa. And for the youngest sandwich bar, beer houses and spaghetti restaurants in the center.
For who fills like prolonging the evening up to deep night, along the sea some trendy night spots offer good music and possibility to dance in a suggestive scenery.